Marchionne is making a clean sweep (tabula rasa Latin speaking)  at Ferrari. The last one to leave (up to now) through Maranello’s revolving door has been Marco Mattiacci, head of the Formula 1 team for only seven months. Maurizio Arrivabene vice president of the main sponsor Philip Morris has taken his place. He is a well-known manager in the Agnelli-Elkann family. People who have had to do with him say he is quite abrupt: he seems to be like Marchionne (they are on excellent terms). He knows the world of Formula 1 very well.

My information is that Mattiacci feared being fired. Mainly for his connection with Montezemolo than for the bad results in Formula 1, a world he knew nothing about when he got promoted last April. Until then Mattiacci was the Ferrari salesman in North America and China. He had a happy and easy life. Today he is also out of the commercial structure of Maranello.
The managing director Amedeo Felisa is the only one left from the old management, he is ready to retire by December without being fired. Soon we will find out who will take his place at day by day management in Maranello.
At Ferrari Marchionne is behaving as he did when he arrived in Fiat in 2004.  Tabula rasa.  But the risk is to make mistakes as he did then
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