Most people call it a “Mission Statement”, but people like us prefer to think as Jack Kerouac did when he said that he couldn’t drive, but he did know how to type. An engineer journalist and a journalist non-engineer create Carblogger.it and now one year later carblogger.com because they want to know how to do both.

While we wait for other travelling companions, post after post, we try to awaken, to incite discussion, and to inform without bias.

If things go badly, we could do what the Beat Generation writer Neal Cassady did. He knew a lot about cars in his own way. His first car was a Buick, and he went on to steal another 500.

In America they refer to the pairs of inventors who rigorously worked together to develop the first computers and later became Internet entrepreneurs as the generation of the garage. In Italy the two of us designed carblogger.it seated in front of a plate of pasta carbonara that they only dream about at Stanford. This, for posterity, was the first click.

2014 March 11

Let’s speak of us once again. One year after, Carblogger English version starts today. We always are in a mood to tell stories and produce an independent information. Free of charge.

Please, follow us like many Italian (language) people did. Stay tuned. Of course, this is an invitation for sharing a plate of pasta carbonara too.