Apple is buying Tesla. The price is still a secret, but for the “bitten Apple” little more than the profits of the last quarter of 2014 may be enough to get their hands on the other real star of Silicon Valley. With the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, Apple has made a profit of 18 billion dollars selling 30% extra representing 74.6 billion dollars in revenue. Tesla has gained 48% on the stock exchange in 2014 and now its capitalization is around 25 billion dollars.

 The reasons for the takeover are: it is useless to make an electric car on your own and it is impossible to make a self- driving car on your own. Together they will do both better, overtaking (maybe) in a flash Google and the four-wheel industry.
Apple will stop snatching employees from Tesla by better salaries and bonuses. On the stock market both titles have always made shareholders celebrate, this is the party of the century.
Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, like this completes his masterpiece. He has invented an electric car for which he then released the patents, but he continues to lose money (107.6 million in the fourth quarter of 2014) although this year he is planning to deliver more Model S. He has imposed a fashion label and political correctness that makes traders dream worldwide, forcing traditional manufacturers to watch him closely, if not to imitate him.
Musk sells to Apple after saying that Tesla will make a profit only from 2020 (chapeau!), thus focusing on its other more spectacular and in prospect more profitable activities such as solar power and the conquest of space.
A teacher, or an idol for someone like Sergio Marchionne: another manager fixed on finance and less on manufacturing, who instead of seeking a third ally for Fiat and Chrysler, could follow Musk’s example by selling FCA to the Apple equivalent car giants. Volkswagen or GM, “the only ones who could really be able to digest it”, suggests the Financial Times.
Apple is buying Tesla. But don’t look for proof from this post on the web. This is just one scenario. And I’m not the only one to imagine it. Although for a Financial Times blogger no one needs to buy Tesla.


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